How Should You Set up Location Targeting With Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy?

When setting up a new Google Ad Campaign using Max Conversions Bid Strategy, the way you set up location targeting can really make a difference in how you're able to optimize the campaign overtime.

Let's say for example that you want to target the United States with your Google Ad Campaign. Should you just target United States as a whole and call it a day? No, you should instead list out each state.


Because results will not be the same across all states and by listing them all out individually it'll be easier to spot the ones that are just wasting ad spend without converting. Once you identify the states that are just driving up ad cost without converting, you can exclude them from the campaign. This will immediately help you to lower the cost per conversion in your campaign.

The same goes for targeting states; list out each county or city instead of just targeting the state as a whole.

The same goes for targeting cities; list out each zip code instead of just targeting the city as a whole.

By going more granular with your location targeting, you'll be able to get more granular data. This can really make the difference between a mediocre campaign and an exceptional campaign that generates a high ROAS.

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