When To Use Google Search Ad’s Dynamic Ad Groups

When creating a Google Search Ad Campaign, you have 2 types of ad groups you can create; standard or dynamic.

For most campaigns, I tend to use the standard ad group type as it gives you more control over the ad copy and keywords you select.

There are some situations where the dynamic ad group makes sense though and can it can perform really well depending on the situation.

One such example would be a car dealership website that has a lot of cars listed for sale on their website. Sure, you could create a standard ad group for each listing but this would be a lot of time and be much more difficult to manage.

Instead, you could simply create a dynamic ad group that will automatically advertise every page on the website that’s indexed by Google.

You can then review performance by page and make adjustments overtime based on performance. You won’t be able to pick which keywords to target since dynamic ad groups will just target keywords based on the content on each page, but you can still review the search terms report and add negatives keywords.

Or say your website has a bunch of categories which include several service pages under each category. You could create a dynamic ad group for each category that advertises every service page under each category.

This will allow you to tailor the ad descriptions a bit more to match the category and you’ll get a break down of conversions across audience segments and demographics for each ad group, giving you more opportunities to optimize the campaign.

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