WhatConverts vs CallRails: Which Is Best For Google Ads?

I’ve come across CallRails a handful of times and even have some current clients using them to track and record phone calls for marketing & training purposes. It offers the basic functionality like recording phone calls, texts and tracking form submissions. You can see which  channels your leads are coming from, even what keywords they came in from. You can mark leads as being “qualified” or add tags.

It does have an integration with Google Ads but it tracks all calls and form submissions that come through as a conversion, whether it’s a low quality lead or high quality lead. It can differentiate between first time call or repeat call but it doesn’t let you push marketing qualified lead conversions or sales conversions into Google Ads.

WhatConverts on the other hand, does everything CallRails does, with the addition of being able to tracking chat leads, appointment leads and even ecommerce transactions. The most important feature for me is the fact that WhatConverts will let you send qualified leads or offline sales as a conversion to Google Ads. This is important because not all leads are created equal, and being able to have this higher quality conversion data in your Google Ad Campaign allows you to more easily optimize the campaign to increase quality leads and sales.

WhatConverts also has something called “Lead Intelligence” which lets you set up a series of conditional rules to automatically mark leads as qualified and then of course you can have that automatically trigger a Google Ad Conversion once the lead has been marked as being qualified, or “quotable” as they call it.

For sales data it can sync with your CRM so when a lead turns into a customer your CRM will push the sales value back to WhatConverts, which you can then have that automatically trigger a Google Ad Conversion. You can also manually enter a sales value for a given lead in WhatConverts if you’re not using a CRM.

As you can see, I greatly prefer WhatConverts over CallRails. I don’t really see a reason to choose CallRails over WhatConverts.  It offers the same features plus much more.

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