Get More Leads and Increase ROI with Google Ad Management Services

Drive targeted traffic, optimize campaigns, and maximize your advertising budget with our professional Google Ad Management services.

Optimizing your Google Ad Campaign to maximize your return on ad spend is just completely over your head. You don't have time to learn how to do it yourself, you have a business to run! You know you need to hire a pro to take over but you just don't know who to turn to.

You could hire an agency, employee or solo freelancer, but you're not sure which will provide a quality service at a fair price.

Hiring a full-time employee just to manage your Google Ads doesn't make sense and would be too costly. Hiring a full-time marketing generalist is unlikely to get you the best results either since they don't specialize.

You could hire a solo freelancer that specializes in Google Ads but who knows if they already have too many clients on their plate to truly give your account the full attention it deserves.

Alternatively, you could consider hiring an agency. This can be a great option but most agencies offer a wide range of services and don't specialize in Google Ads.

Why Freak.Marketing Is Different

At Freak.Marketing, we're different than your typical agency because we only specialize in Google Ads. You will have the owner of Freak.Marketing (Steve Longoria) managing your account along with a small team of Google Ad Specialists.

We live and breathe Google Ads day in and day out, because we only offer Google Ad Management services. This can also include Webflow landing page design & development services for clients that need it.

You can count on us to deliver the best results possible at a reasonable rate.

Features & Benefits

- Expert keyword research and ad setup to ensure your ads reach the right audience.
- Continuous monitoring and optimization to improve ad performance and increase click-through rates.
- Geo-targeting and demographic targeting to reach your ideal customers.
- A/B testing of ad copies, landing pages, and call-to-action buttons for maximum conversions. (Must meet minimum budget threshold for A/B testing)
- Transparent reporting and analytics to track campaign performance and ROI.

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About The Owner of Freak.Marketing

Steve Longoria

Steve has 10+ years of experience as a digital marketing consultant with a focus on Google Ads, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing & Responsive Web Design.


See what other's have had to say.

"Steve was able to reduce my Google Ad cost per conversion by 46% in less than 2 months time. I would highly recommend Steve to manage your online ad campaign!"

Milton Choto,

VIP Safety Group

"After just 2 months Steve's been able to generate over $37k in revenue with Google Shopping Ads. This is a whopping 606% return on ad spend! We are more than happy."

Matt Epstein,


"Steve got my Google Ad Campaign generating leads quickly and I will always seek out Steve for any of my Google Ad needs. "

Cheryl Williams,

CPR Done Right

"The information you gave us has helped us tremendously. We've run some on FB but mainly google and have sold over 60 kits just last week."

Eric Colburn,


"Hey Steve, Awesome numbers! Our firm's business has really picked up since we started with these PPC ads!"

Max Frizalone,

FrizWoods Criminal Defense

"Steve's ideas to build our service company were outstanding. With Steve's ideas we were able to increase our monthly contracts by 18% in less than 30 days."

Jeff Niegsch,

Complete Aquatic Solutions

"Thank you so much, Steve! You took care of this quickly and the videos were so helpful. I will definitely reach out again if I need anything else done for the site!"

Melody Bennett,

Urban Introvert

"Awesome!! Thank you:). I’m very happy with the work so far and the phones have definitely been ringing."

Melanie Taylor,

The Healing Tree

"[Steve] did such an incredible job with me. He gave a lot of advice before the sale and was patient while I was busy creating and planning in the background. I strongly recommend chatting with Steve. Fantastic service, very reachable, and incredibly informative and kind."

Oli Jenkinson,

Thynk Consulting

"Steve has strong adwords skills. His performance on every level was excellent. Easy to work with, makes great suggestions, and has strong skills optimizing adword campaigns. We hope to work with him again."

Michael Cornell,

Align Ballet

"Steve Longoria did achieve great results for our company at a very low cost per lead. We ran a campaign where we spent about $4,708.89 on Google Ads. On average, those new customers will stay on board for about a year. $700/mo is what we earn on average per customer."

Ryan Steinolfson,

Accelerate Marketing Inc.

"Steve not only helped me optimize my Google Adwords campaigns, but successfully resolved some of my website’s email / HTML issues too! He’s been nothing but helpful, and I recommend him to any of my friends!"

Nate Wood,

Stahman Guitars

"I don't know what you did but those inquiry forms are coming in like crazy!"

Amy Rogato,

In Pawsuit

"We've seen a 131% increase in conversions this quarter when compared to the last quarter thanks to Steve's Google Ad Management services."



"I highly recommend Steve for digital ads & SEM projects. Steve helped me for several months building & managing a number of search campaigns with Google ads. He offered good communication, clearly explained what & why he was doing certain things and met all the deadlines. "

Ronald Heider,

Heider Marketing & Advertising