What’s The Best Way To Structure Your Google Ad Campaign(s)?

How you structure your Google Ad Campaign can have a huge impact on the kind of results you get from your Google Ads. Should you jam everything into one campaign and ad group? Should you have multiple campaigns and ad groups?

Deciding on how to structure your Google Ad Campaigns can be confusing and rather daunting.

In general, the rule I have with campaign structure is to set up one campaign for every product or service you’re looking to advertise.

Then for each campaign you’ll have different ad groups that focus on a single theme of keywords for each. Not single keyword, single theme (STAG not SKAG)! It may be that you just one have ad group for that campaign or several.

Having a separate campaign for each product or service allows you to optimize the campaign more effectively to hit  your desired cost per acquisition (CPA) or return on ad spend (ROAS) for that given service or product. This is important because different products and services are likely to require a different CPA or ROAS goal.

This also allows you to control the budget for each campaign in case you want to aggressively advertise one service over another.

Of course, you do always have the option to give the campaigns a shared budget if you want to make it easier to manage budgets for all of your campaigns but at least you have the option to give each campaign a different budget.

Sometimes you can get away with having one campaign and a separate ad group for each product or service you’re wanting to promote. This can make sense if you’re trying to hit the same CPA or ROAS for all products and services you’re advertising AND you want to promote all of them evenly.

This setup has it’s advantages in that it’s easier to set up and manage one campaign.

If you have a large ecommerce website with a lot of products then I would probably just set up a campaign for each product category instead of each product since that can be too much to set up and manage.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can structure campaigns that can work so long as you have tightly themed ad groups or asset groups that have relevant ad copy and send people to relevant landing pages.

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