You're Getting Clicks but No Conversions In Google Ads

You have a Google Ad Campaign running and everything looks fine. You did your homework and set everything up properly, but for some reason it just keeps generating clicks but NO conversions. What could possibly be the problem?

The first thing you'll want to look at is what keywords you're targeting. Are they high intent? Meaning are they searches that people near the bottom of the funnel are using to find a business or product like yours? An example of this would be "landscaping company near me". Or are they low intent search queries like "best ways to landscape your yard"? You'll want to check the Search Terms Report as well to see what terms you're actually getting clicks from.

Next, you'll want to review your website or landing page. Is the headline clear and relevant to what the user is searching? Do you have testimonials? Do you have a clear call to action? You also want to make sure your call to action isn't too high commitment. For example, I worked with a business that was using "Get Started" as their call to action.

This is too high commitment for most browsing their website, they're not ready to "get started" before getting more info from the company. Instead we changed the call to action to 'Get a FREE Quote' and we saw the campaign start to convert. I've also seen "Inquire about Cost & Availability" work as a call to action for some local service businesses.

For these types of businesses, it's usually best to have them inquire about price instead of listing it on the website. This will bring more people in the top of the funnel and give you opportunities to follow-up with them via email, giving you multiple chances to sell them.

If it's still not converting after these changes, it could just be an issue of product-market fit. In which case, it's best to test a completely different offer or service.

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