Are YouTube Ads Good for Driving Conversions?

It's no secret that Youtube garners quite a few eyeballs. This obviously has a lot of businesses and advertisers salivating at the prospects and putting their product or service in front of this massive audience.

What kind of results can you expect? We know Youtube can get our ads viewed by a lot of people but is Youtube a great channel for driving conversions?

A lot obviously depends on your product or service. Is it, what I like to call, an 'impulse purchase' type product? If so, then I think YouTube can generate conversions for you.

One thing to keep in mind, Youtube Ads require strong ad creative to work, which not every company is capable of pulling off simply because they don't have the talent or can't afford to hire such talent.

Off the top of my head, Dr. Squatch is a good example of a video ad that works. They basically use this across all display ad channels like Instagram & Facebook. Also, their product is an 'impulse purchase' type of product.

If your product or service isn't an 'impulse purchase' type of product, then I think you're better off skipping Youtube Ads and focusing on Google Search Ads.

If you have a larger ad budget, and you've essentially maxed out Google Search Ads to the point where there aren't many more clicks to be had for your target keywords, Youtube Ads can make sense for retargeting ad campaigns or top-of-the-funnel type campaigns.

For smaller budgets, however, I recommend just sticking with Google Search Ads.

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