Webflow Ecommerce Sales Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

I have a friend that's been setting up his new ecommerce shop using Webflow recently and I was helping him set up sales conversion tracking for the shop.

He'd never used Google Analytics so when he went to create a new one, of course, it created a new Google Analytics 4 account.

Initially, this seems like an issue because when you go to your Webflow project settings, you'll see there's only a place to insert your Universal Analytics Tracking Code:

Sure you can insert it in the 'Custom Code' section but to use e-commerce event tracking, you need to integrate in the Integrations tab and toggle on the option for the global site tag.

This has you assuming that GA4 e-commerce conversion tracking isn't yet an option for Webflow, but then when you go to their documentation on setting up Google Analytics, you'll notice they're adding a GA4 measurement ID:

To be on the safe side I'd probably still use Universal Analytics but it appears you can also use GA4 now too.

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