How to Verify That Your Google Ad Conversion Tracking Is Set Up Properly

You have your Google Ad Campaign all set up and your conversion tracking is in place but you wish there was a way to verify the conversion tracking set up to ensure that it's working before you start your Google Ad Campaign.

You'd really hate start the campaign and find out days or weeks down the road that it wasn't actually set up properly and all you're left with is a bunch of click data but no conversion data.

The old school way to verify your Google Ad conversion tracking still works somewhat. It's this Tag Assistant Chrome Extension (Or Brave Extension if you use Brave Browser like I do). This will let you know if there are any major errors with your tag set up.

As you can see though, that is their 'legacy' solution. These days the proper way to verify your conversion tracking is to use the Google Tag Manager Preview Mode & Tag Assistant. You can get a lot more detail about which tags are firing or not.

If you need help setting up your Google Tag Manager, feel free to drop me a line.

How To Setup Google Ad Conversion Tracking

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