Is It Possible to Start a Blog While Working Full-Time?

You want to start a blog, but there's just one problem. You're not sure if you have enough time to spend on your blog considering you work full-time! Most days you're so exhausted that you barely have enough energy to cook yourself dinner.

How are you supposed to find the time necessary to create your blog and regularly publish new content? You can't afford to quit your job.

Look, I wish I had a magic solution to this problem. There is no easy solution. It simply comes down to you finally deciding you've had enough. Deciding that you don't want to wake up in 20 years working the same dead-end job.

Deciding that you'll do whatever it takes to advance your career, to advance your life. It's not easy. It will take many long days and nights of hard work. But if you don't want to remain stagnant you must do it.

What helps me is remembering that most people won't put in the work, so by making a long-term commitment to put in the work, you'll have fewer people to compete against than say applying to a job where there are hundreds or thousands of applicants to compete against.

The more difficult the challenge, the more ambitious your plans are, the fewer people there are to compete against. Most just work their 9-5 job, living their life on cruise control. They come home to veg out on Netflix.

You must resist the urge to follow suit if you want to achieve your goals! I know because I was in the same situation when first starting. I was a pharmacy courier for hospices, working full-time. I had no college education, portfolio or case studies.

At that time, all I knew was that I wanted to work from home on my computer someday.

I started a music blog website called because music is a huge part of my life. I've been playing the drums for 20+ years. Every day I came home from work and worked on my blog. I ran this blog for about 8 years before retiring the website.

While I never was able to monetize the site, I learned a lot. At its peak, it was generating 500 unique visitors per day. I was able to leverage this experience to land my first client and start my freelance digital marketing career.

I had finally achieved my dream of working from home on a computer. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing from then on out but it was how I got my start and if I never found time to start that first blog, I never would've gotten this far.

I find it helps to dedicate just 1 uninterrupted hour each day to work ON my business, whether that's market research, blogging or product creation. I also try to do it first thing after breakfast so as to make it a priority.

I find if I push it off to later in the day I usually won't do it. I get caught up in client work or other activities.

There's something magical about dedicating 60 minutes everyday. I've tried small chunks of time like the 25 minute pomodoro, but I feel like that's not enough time to really dive into the task.

Find out what works best for you and just get to work! :)

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