Should You Start Max Conversions off With a Target CPA?

Now that Google Ads has merged Maximize Conversions and Target CPA bid strategies together, many are wondering if they should be using Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy with a set Target CPA to start off a new campaign.

I generally will start campaigns off using Maximize Clicks or Manual CPC bid strategies until I start seeing a decent number of conversions every month, roughly 15+ conversions.

Some clients don't have a budget large enough to ever reach this threshold, or for various other reasons, never see a huge number of conversions every month. In these cases, sometimes it never makes sense to use Maximize Conversions or Target CPA.

If I were to start a new campaign off with Maximize Conversions, which can work sometimes, I don't set a Target CPA. I just want Google to focus on driving conversions no matter what the cost per conversion is to start.

After we're starting to see some conversion data, I'll then start experimenting with Target CPA. Lately, I've been seeing really good results using Target CPA, you just want to be sure you're not setting your Target CPA too low. This can result in a low number of impressions, clicks and conversions.

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