Squarespace vs Ghost: Which Should You Use for Your Next Website?

You have a new website project and you've been researching Squarespace and Ghost as your main 2 options.

You're not quite sure which to go with. They're both have similar pricing. You can expect to pay anywhere from $9-$30 starting off.

Which is right for you really depends on what you're looking to use your website for. Are you looking to start a content heavy website or blog that you want to rank in the Google search results? Do you want to run a membership site? Then I'd go with Ghost.

Do you run a small business that you need a simple website for that will only have a few pages and maybe a handful of products for sale? In this case, Squarespace might make more sense.

Ghost is not really set up for being an e-commerce solution if you're looking to sell products or services. With that said, it's completely customizable if you know how to code or you're willing to hire somebody, you can integrate anything like Stripe Checkout or Snipcart.

You can also host an e-commerce shop using something like Squarespace or Shopify on a sub-domain and have Ghost on your main domain.

There are a lot of possibilities here but the bottom line is Ghost is more customizable which means I think it's a better long-term, professional solution.

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