Are SquareSpace Sales Conversion Values Not Showing Up In Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

I had a client come to me recently wanting help fixing an issue with SquareSpace sales conversion tracking in GA4 not showing sales conversion values. This is a big problem because not knowing conversion values makes it impossible to know which traffic channels and campaigns are generating the most revenue and highest ROAS.

This client had set up SquareSpace's native GA4 integration, which is simply a matter of adding your GA4 measurement ID in the settings of your SquareSpace website. The problem with this integration is it doesn't pass conversion values to GA4 for some reason. Maybe SquareSpace will fix this in the near future, maybe not.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix this. There are 2 ways to integrate GA4 to your Squarespace account in order to track ecommerce conversions, but only one of those methods also handles sales value data.

The built in integration does not handle sales value data. But this method I found from LovesData does:  

1. Install Google Tag Manager in the Header section via SquareSpace's "Code Injection" (Settings > Advanced > Code Injection).

2. Install the following code in the Order Confirmation Page section of SquareSpace's Code Injection Settings:

Make sure to change the currency value so that it's the same currency used in your SquareSpace store.

3. Inside Google Tag Manager, create these user-defined variables:

  1. Name: Ecommerce Transaction ID
  2. Type: Data Layer Variable
  3. Variable Name: ecommerce.transaction_id
  4. Name: Ecommerce Value
  5. Type: Data Layer Variable
  6. Variable Name: ecommerce.value
  7. Name: Ecommerce Currency
  8. Type: Data Layer Variable
  9. Variable Name: ecommerce.currency

4. Create this Trigger in Google Tag Manager:

  • Name: Purchase
  • Type: Custom Event
  • Event Name: purchase

5. Create this Tag in Google Tag Manager:

  • Name: Google Analytics | GA4 | Purchase
  • Tag Type: GA4 Event
  • Event Name: purchase
  • Parameters (name and value):
  • transaction_id - {{Ecommerce Transaction ID}}
  • value - {{Ecommerce Value}}
  • currency - {{Ecommerce Currency}}
  • Trigger: Purchase

That's it! Also, make sure your Google Analytics measurement ID isn't added to your Squarespace website settings. If the measurement ID is added to your SquareSpace site settings AND you set up the sales conversion tracking as outlined above, Google Analytics will end up double tracking sales conversions.

To check if your Google Analytics Measure ID is added to your SquareSpace website:

  1. Open the Developer tools panel.
  2. Click External API keys.
  3. Check the Google Analytics account number field. If present, remove your measurement ID.
  4. Click Save.

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