How I Increased The Number of Blog Posts I Published by 550%

Since starting my blog, I have been lucky if I published 2 blog posts a month. Not very great if you ask me. I just found it hard to find time to write and publish new blog posts due to me being so busy with client work.

I tried setting aside just 30 minutes per week to write and publish blog posts. This wasn't working though. I quickly found myself going 3-4 weeks before writing or publishing a blog post.

Apparently, 30 minutes is still too big of a time chunk for a new habit I'm trying to create.

I came across the book Atomic Habits and found the '2-minute rule' to be interesting. The author states that in order to make new habits as easy as possible to start, just commit to 2 minutes.

So, for example, if you're trying to create a habit of running everyday, instead of starting with 10, 20, 30 minutes, start with only 2 minutes.

Once you do this daily for several days your goal just then becomes not to break the chain. Then eventually you slowly increase the 2-minute interval to say 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, and so on. Gradually.

2 minutes I felt was too little for blogging, so I decided to start start at 5 minutes. The point still stands. You have to make it super easy for you to start by only committing to a small amount of time. Ridiculously small.

So far it's been working great! I didn't think there was much I could get done in 5 minutes but, so far, I've blogged everyday for over a month. I haven't broken the chain. I've also published 13 blog posts which is 550% more than I had been doing.

Some days I end up going over the 5-minute mark but that's okay.

I'm quickly learning success is all about the daily systems and habits you create for yourself. Little daily habits can massively change the trajectory of your life for the better (or worse).

Try this trick out for yourself if you're having trouble forming a new habit and getting shit done.

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