Increasing Google Ad Conversion Volume Without Increasing Cost per Conversion?

You have a Google Ad Campaign that's generating conversions at your targeted cost per conversion and it's going great but you obviously want more conversions.

Is it possible to increase conversion volume without increasing your cost per conversion?

The first step is to see if there's any room for increasing your daily budget.

If the campaign says 'limited by budget' then you can simply increase your daily budget and start getting more clicks and conversions without it having an impact on your cost per conversion.

If however, you've already maxed out your daily budget and you don't seem to be getting any more clicks or conversions, then you may want to try the following:

  1. Remarketing

Bring those visitors who didn't convert back to your website and try to get them to convert by setting up a remarketing ad campaign. This is an easy way to try and milk more conversions from existing search and traffic volume.

2. Revisit the keywords you're targeting and location.

Are there any other keywords you could be targeting? Usually, when I come in to audit existing campaigns, they have barely scratched the surface of potential keywords to target.

In regards to location, are there any other locations we could potentially start targeting that could generate good results?

3. You could also test out adding your ads to the Google Search Partners and Display Network if you haven't already.

I usually focus on the search results page since it's where I typically see the best results but you could try expanding your reach this way without increasing bids.

Checking these boxes will have your ad showing on other partnered search engines like Youtube, Gmail,,, and more.

4. Test out different ad copy

See what you can do to increase your ads click through rate. If you've barely tested different ad copy, now is a good time to see if a new ad variation will help you drive more clicks and conversions.

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