You Have No Clue How Many Google Ad Leads Are Converting Into Sales

You have a Google Ad Campaign set up and you're tracking form submissions as a conversion along with calls. You're seeing decent conversion volume coming from the campaign but there's a problem; you have no clue how these leads are converting into sales. You're having difficulty tracking which leads even come from Google Ads and which are coming from organic search or social media.

You may set up a landing page specifically for your Google Ad campaign so you know leads that come in from that landing page came from Google Ads. The problem with this is a lot of Google Ad visitors will bounce from your landing page and convert on your main website.

In other words, if you're just attributing leads that come from a specific landing page to Google Ads, you're ignoring anywhere from 20-30% of total leads actually coming in from the campaign. This is going to make it more difficult to optimize your campaign to improve results. You can't improve upon anything you're not accurately tracking.

Which brings us back to the question; how do we know how many sales are truly coming from the Google Ad campaign if you can't even identify all the leads that came from Google Ads? How do we optimize the campaign to increase the return on ad spend?

Google Ads has something called 'offline conversion tracking'. This allows you to identify which Google Ad keywords and ads are generating the most sales for your business. For it to work, you must use a sales CRM to track all leads and sales.

Next, read more about what's required to set up offline conversion tracking.

How To Setup Google Ad Conversion Tracking

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