How Important is Google Ad’s Ad Strength Metric?

So you created a new Responsive Search Ad (RSA) in Google Ads. You think the copy is great, there's just one problem; Google is telling you your "Ad Strength" is "Poor".

Of course, nobody wants their ad to be "poor" but how much does this factor into the success of your Google Ad Campaign?

From my experience, not very much. In fact, I've seen ads with a "Poor" Ad Strength out perform an ad with a "Good" Ad Strength:

So as you can see, your Ad Strength really has very little to do with how successful or profitable your campaign will be. Your time and energies are better spent elsewhere IMO.

With that said, if you do want to improve your Ad Strength it's just a matter of adding more headlines to your RSA and more descriptions.

Just make sure to pin any headlines you want to make sure who up every time your ad is displayed, because otherwise Google will shuffle the headlines and descriptions to determine what they feel is the best ad copy.

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