How to Handle "Difficult" Web Design Clients

You spent a lot of time and energy creating a beautiful new web design for a client, only to have them completely shit on it and throw it in the trash can. They want a whole new design worked up. Should you do that for no additional cost?

How many revisions should a web design project include with a fixed price project? How many mock-ups or design variations should you include? Unlimited?

If you've been a web design freelancer for any length of time. You've probably experienced this situation. I know I have!

The problem actually isn't with the client. Sorry to break it to you. The client is entitled to their opinion. The problem is that you're not properly managing expectations with the client.

I don't do many web design projects these days but when I do I make sure to let them know what they're getting for the fixed price.

They're getting one design variation with usually 5-10 design revisions included. Rarely do my web design clients come to me with a wireframe and design mock-up, so I'm kind of driving blind when it comes to creating a website design they like.

I make it clear they don't get endless design variations and endless design revisions on the site. I also let them know there is truly no guarantee they'll like the design. We can dial it in with the 5-10 design revisions included with the price. If they want another variation or additional revisions, that would be an additional cost.

Good website design is subjective. You can try your best to make it look great every time and you're still going to encounter clients that just aren't happy with it.

It doesn't matter, you still have to get paid for your time.

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