Case Study: Generating a 752.91% Return on Ad Spend with My First Google Shopping Ad Campaign

If you're struggling to generate sales for your ecommerce shop and still haven't tried Google Shopping Ads then you may be leaving money on the table.Most will gravitate to Facebook Ads as their leading PPC ad channel of choice, and there's no reason not to if you're making a nice return on ad spend. If however, you're looking to increase sales even more or try something besides Facebook, I can now safely recommend Google Shopping Ads.I have specialized mostly in Google Search Ads for the past 6+ years but I recently had the opportunity to try my hand at Google Shopping Ads when I acquired a new client recently.If you're not familiar, Google Shopping Ads look like this in the Google Search Results:

They're for ecommerce sites exclusively. They're powerful because it's obvious there's a product being sold BEFORE the user clicks, therefore, those who click are showing a very high intent in purchasing the product. And since you're only paying per click, this typically translates into a higher ROAS for your campaign.So what was my experience?After the first month, I was blown away by the results. Total sales revenue was $13191.23 and total ad spend was $1,752.79, giving us a ROAS of 752.91%.

I'm not sure what their margins are on the product but I was told to try and keep the cost per acquisition below $20 and as you can see it was only $4.65.I had always heard great things about Google Shopping Ads and I was expecting to see great results but this was kind of crazy. Give it a shot, hopefully you see similar results or better! If you need help with your campaign, feel free to drop me a line.

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