Google Ads Removing Search Terms Report?

Reviewing your Google Ad Search Campaign's "Search Terms" Report has always been a crucial element to dialing in a campaign, reducing clicks from unwanted search terms and driving performance for your campaign. Lately, I've seen 2 accounts now that seemed to have Search Terms Report removed completely.

When I first noticed this, I was pretty livid. I figured this was just the next thing for Google to remove, giving us less control over our campaigns so that we have to rely on their smart bidding and smart campaigns. What's next, are they going to remove Manual CPC and Max Clicks Bid Strategies and only let us use broad match keywords?!

After the initial wave of anger, I started poking around the account to see if maybe they just moved the Search Terms Report. Sure enough, they had!

This is now where you can find the Search Terms Report in some accounts, inside "Insights & Reports":

This is probably going to be the new location in all accounts as they roll it out.

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