The Best CRM to Use For Google Ads Offline Conversion Tracking

Tracking Google Ad sales conversions is important for any Google Ad Campaign. For non-ecommerce businesses, since your sales happen offline, this means you have to setup offline conversion tracking.

Which CRM you use can make this easier or harder. I’ve worked with a handful of different CRM’s and some make it very difficult to track offline sales conversions automatically.

If you’re using Hubspot or Salesforce it’s easy to setup offline conversion tracking since they have native Google Ad Integrations. These CRMs can be really expensive though and for a typical small business, they’re probably not wanting to spend $800/mo or more for a CRM.

Hubspot for example, only offers their “Marketing Hub” if you’re paying at least $800/mo. It’s not available on their Starter Plan. Their Marketing Hub makes setting up offline conversions easy and automatic. You CAN track offline conversions without it but it’s not as easy.

For CRMs that don’t have a native integration, you’re stuck with setting up a Zapier Zap or manually filling out a Google Sheet Template. If you’re lucky, your CRM’s API makes it easy to trigger a Zapier Zap when a lead becomes a customer or marketing qualified lead.

If it’s impossible to setup the necessary Zapier Zap with your CRM, then you’ll have to just manually add the data to a Google Sheet Template and schedule an upload to Google Ads. It’s not ideal, but you’ll still get the offline conversion data into your Google Ad Campaigns.

It's important to note that the Zapier Zap only works with form submission leads, whether you're using the gclid, email address or phone number as the unique identifier.

If you’re finding this article at the point of choosing a CRM or are willing to switch CRMs then I’d recommend just using Airtable. It’s much more than a CRM, it can be any kind of database you want but it makes a great CRM at relatively low cost. It also has a robust API that will allow you to easily set up a Zapier Zap to import offline conversions into your Google Ad Campaign.

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