How to See Which Organic Search Keywords are Converting on Your Website?

Google Analytics shows you're getting traffic from Organic Google Search Results Page and you're able to see how this traffic is converting, because you have Google Analytics Goals set up.

The problem is, when you click 'Organic Keywords' in the Acquisition > Campaign Report, it's not showing you the keywords you're getting clicks from in Google Search. It simply says "(not provided)".

So how can you tell how well an individual keyword is converting?

There is a roundabout way to kind of get this data. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing.

First, you need to make sure you have set up your Google Search Console and verify your website. After that, you'll need to sync Google Search Console with your Google Analytics account.

After they're synced, you'll want to access the Search Console > Landing Pages Report:

This tells you how well a landing page is converting with organic search traffic. Now when you click into one of the landing pages, you'll see the keywords the landing page is ranking for in the Google SERP.

While it doesn't give you the conversion breakdown on the keyword level, it is still useful info and gives you an idea which keywords you might want to focus your SEO efforts on.

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