Tracking Conversions Across Multiple Domains Is Giving You a Headache

You have a website that sends visitors to a different domain for ecommerce products, then another domain for scheduling a call, then another domain for your membership offer, then another domain for your lead magnets, then another domain for your blog that has even more lead magnets.

It all seems to work well enough but the problem is, you're not getting accurate conversion data. Either conversions are showing up at all or they're being attributed to the wrong traffic sources.

You're not sure how you're supposed to track conversions across all of these different apps and domains.

Google Analytics does allow for cross-domain tracking, but not every app integrates with Google Analytics. For the ones that do, it can be hard to make sure your Google Analytics is set up for cross-domain tracking on all of them.

I've seen quite a few prospects come to me with this type of headache. I usually recommend the same thing for them all and that is to let me recreate their website using Webflow so I can make sure all of their products and lead magnets are offered under the same domain so there are no cross-domain tracking issues.

This is ultimately a more professional face for the business as well since it's quite obvious to your visitors that you're an amateur if visitors are constantly bouncing around to different domains when navigating through your website. It's not a good look. Let's get that fixed!

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