Top 3 Ways Marketers Are Leveraging ChatGPT

If you have a pulse, I'm sure you've heard of Open AI's new product called ChatGPT, and the latest version of that product, ChatGPT 4.

Chat GPT is a very powerful language model AI tool similar to Google's BARD and Microsoft Bing's new AI chatbot. There are some differences between the 3 top AI chatbots but I think ChatGPT is currently the best.

The latest version has been passing legal bar exams with higher scores than most humans. Since the release of ChatGPT and similar tools, marketers have been losing their shit over (a) how AI is going to eventually replace us all and (b) how to best leverage AI to get more done in less time.

Since I don't have a crystal ball, I can't address (a), but I can clue you in on the top 3 ways marketers are using Chat GPT to do more with less time:

1. Website Copy Writing

This one is probably the most obvious, at least to me. A lot of marketers have started using Chat GPT to help them write copy for their website, whether it's for blog posts or product/service sales pages. Google has recently stated that it will not penalize websites with quality written AI content. What Google classifies as "quality" is yet to be seen.

I think so long as you're able to create unique content with AI that's of value to humans then Google isn't going to care. I guess only time will tell.

It seems creating unique content with AI like ChatGPT is largely a matter of knowing what prompts to give it. The more prompts you give it to mold a piece of content, the more unique it'll become and less likely that someone else hasn't created the same bit of content using AI. Of course, the more ubiquitous these AI tools become it seems to me that it will inevitably start creating duplicate content on some level. I personally don't use ChatGPT to write any website copy or blog posts and don't have any plans to.

2. Data Mining

I set up a lot of Google Ad Campaigns as a freelance Google Ad Manager and one of the biggest obstacles I have when setting up most campaigns is compiling a list of zip codes. Traditionally, I have used Google to get this data but Google doesn't offer it in a copy and paste friendly format in their search results page. Sure you might be able to find it in one of the websites listed in the search results for "city zip codes" but it's not always easy.

ChatGPT has been a much easier way for me to get a list of zip codes for any given location in a format that I can easily copy and paste. This is only scratching the surface, I'm sure you can use ChatGPT to mine all sorts of data that you can then easily copy and paste.

Update: I actually am using Google's Bard AI for this task now as it is connected to the internet and provides a more comprehensive list of zip codes.

3. Email Responses

Marketers are starting to use ChatGPT to help them compose email responses to bosses, coworkers, clients, you name it and it's happening. This is another use case I'm conflicted about. On one hand, email communications with clients is obviously a huge time sync but it's not exactly something I feel like I can just let AI handle and expect it to respond correctly. I can see using it to revise an email I've already composed to maybe give it a certain "tone" but letting it compose emails completely from scratch, I'm not ready to do that even though I know a lot of other marketers have already started.

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