Top 3 Reasons Why AI Sucks at Content Marketing

AI is all the rage these days when it comes to creating content to use for content marketing. Everyone thinks it's as simple as making a couple prompts and ChatGPT or AI like Cohesive will just spit out perfect content that you can publish and use as your own with very little effort. AI is promoted as being a huge time saver for those that need to create content for their business and in my experience it's just not the case.

I've been experimenting with these tools to see how great they are at producing content like blog posts and here are the top 3 reasons why I think they suck and you shouldn't waste your time using AI to write content for content marketing purposes:

1. Factual errors

It was rare that AI created any content that didn't contain a great number of factual errors. This means that you have to still be an expert on the topic to spot these factual errors and correct them. If that's the case, then it's easier to just write the content yourself to begin with and save time on fact checking the garbage AI spits out.

2. No personality

Content written by AI is very vanilla and boring to read. It has very little personality and when it does try to infuse personality it seems forced and not very authentic. Sure, maybe AI content can technically rank in the Google SERPs but if you want to appeal to actual humans you're better off just writing the content yourself. What good is Google traffic if people just want to bounce away from your site because your content is poor. It's important to understand the pain points from your audience in order to write good content. AI doesn't understand this because it isn't human.

3. Plagiarism

The AI content I created for my experiments rarely passed the plagiarism test offered by Grammarly. Obviously, it's not ethical to use content that is essentially plagiarized from other sources on the internet even if you can rewrite them enough to be "unique" so it passes the plagiarism check. You'd also be spending so much time rewriting it you might as well have written it yourself in the first place.

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