Struggling to Increase Your Google Ad Campaign's Lead Quality?

So you have a Google Ad campaign set up to generate leads for your business but you have a problem; you seem to be getting a lot of low quality leads and you're not sure how to optimize the campaign to increase the quality of leads.In order to effectively optimize a lead gen campaign to increase the quality of leads you need to set up something called 'offline conversion tracking'. It requires you to be using a sales CRM to track every lead that turns into a sale.

You then are able to sync this sales data with your Google Ad campaign so you can start identifying which keywords, ads, demographics, locations, time of day, day of week and devices are generating the most sales, not just leads.You can then use this data to make the necessary adjustments required to increase lead quality and more importantly increase the return on ad spend for the campaign.Using offline conversion tracking is really the only way to increase lead quality at scale for your Google Ad lead gen campaign.

I know some agencies will record every call and listen to the calls. While this can be great for checking to see how well staff is answering the phones, it isn't great for checking lead quality at scale.Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking can track by call length but this isn't the best way to gauge call quality either.

How To Setup Google Ad Conversion Tracking

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