Should You Run a Google Display Ad Campaign?

So you're looking to increase website traffic and sales and you heard Google Display Ads can help you achieve exactly that.

What exactly are Google Display Ads? They are banner ads that are shown on websites partnered with Google via Google Adsense or websites owned by Google like Gmail and Youtube.

You still target ads based on keywords but instead of your ad showing up in the Google Search Results, it'll show up on websites that contain content related to your targeted keywords.

"Okay, that's great Steve but will I see a higher return on ad spend with Google Display Ads than with Google Search Ads or Facebook Ads?'"

It's certainly possible. Google Display Ads are usually cheaper per click than Google Search Ads but in my experience they generally don't convert as well.

This means if you have a very limited ad budget, I'd recommend focusing on Google Search Ads since you'll receive higher quality traffic that's more likely to take action. If, however, you've already maxed out other ad channels and are looking for more traffic to help your business scale, that's when Google Display Ads makes sense.

Display Ads are also popular for remarketing ad campaigns. In this case the ads are targeted towards people who have already been to your website but didn't become a lead or sale. This can also be good use of Display Ads IMO.

On other thing, when using Display Ads I'd recommend excluding traffic from mobile apps. It's common for mobile apps to require users to click on ads or view ads in order to use their app, which typically leads to low quality clicks.

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