Promoting Your Eventbrite Event with Google Ads

You've got a new event all set up on EventBrite and you're excited to start driving traffic to your event page. Obviously, you've heard Google Ads can be a great way to do this.

Before you start your Google Ad Campaign, it's important to set up Google Ad Conversion tracking for your EventBrite event.

What is 'conversion tracking' and why do you need it?

A 'conversion' is some kind of action taken by a website visitor, typically this action is defined at the beginning of each campaign.

For an EventBrite event, it makes sense to mark an event registration as a 'conversion'.

You can set up Google Ad Conversion Tracking with EventBrite by following their step-by-step instructions here.

After setting up conversion tracking, you'll know which keywords, locations, demographics in your ad campaign are generating the most event registrations, or 'conversions'.

This makes it easier to improve your campaign's performance overtime.

Without this conversion tracking setup, you'd only be able to know which keywords, locations and demographics are generating the most clicks to your event page. Which means it would be very difficult to improve the performance of your campaign to increase event registrations.

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