Can You Set a Max CPC Limit with Automated Bid Strategies in Google Ads?

Bid strategies obviously play an important role when it comes setting up and managing a Google Ad Campaign. For Search Ad Campaigns the main bid strategies are Manual CPC, Maximize Click, Maximize Conversion, Target CPA, Target ROAS & Maximize Conversion Value.

There’s also Target Impression Share but that bid strategy isn’t one I recommend really. There may be some niche situations where it may be a good idea but that would be a rarity. I digress.

With Manual CPC you obviously have the most control over setting a max CPC limit on the keyword level. Next up is Maximize Click which lets you set a max CPC limit on the campaign level.

You want to experiment with the other bid strategies like Maximize Conversions, Target CPA, etc. but from what you can tell, it doesn’t seem like you can set a max CPC limit with these bid strategies. You’d really like to be able to still set a max CPC limit so spend doesn’t get completely out of control.

It’s true that when using automated bid strategies (other than Maximize Clicks) you can quickly see your CPC skyrocket. So long as you’re getting more conversions and higher ROAS then this isn’t a problem but this isn’t always the case.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could leverate the smart bidding algorithms that are geared toward generating more conversions yet also be able to set a max CPC limit on the campaign level?

Unfortunately, there is no way to set max CPC limits for Maximize Conversion and Maximize Conversion Value bid strategies but with Target CPA & Target ROAS, there is a little known way for you to set a max CPC limit.

You have to use a Portfolio Bid Strategy using Target CPA or Target ROAS and then you are given “Advanced Options” to select a minimum CPC and a max CPC limit.

Here’s how you can find it in your Google Ads Account:

Then you’ll see where you can set a minimum and maximum bid limit:

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