What's The Best Keyword Research Strategy to Start Your Google Ad Campaign?

When it comes to Google Search Ads, keywords are the heart of the campaign. Choosing the right keywords can make or break your campaign. Choose the wrong keywords or match types and you may never see a single conversion.

Pick the right ones and you could very well have a profitable Google Ad Campaign on your hands.

So, everyone wants to know, how to perform proper keyword research and how to determine the best keywords to advertise under.

People can get quite carried away at this step and spend hours performing 'keyword research' to find keywords, their search volume and potential cost per click.

This is all busy work. It's not going to tell you what you're really wanting to know anyways; how well your offer will convert with these keywords.

For this, you will still need to test and the forecasted cost per click aren't anything to plan by. Your actual cost per click will vary greatly. Also, cost per click isn't the important metric here; it's the cost per conversion.

After setting up and managing countless Google Ad Campaigns for clients, I've found the fastest way to select and manage keywords that leads to the best results. I generally spend no more than 5-10 minutes selecting keywords when setting up a new campaign. It depends on how many pages their website has, as well as how many products or services they have, but I spend very little time initially on keyword selection.

Click Here to read more about the system I have for selecting and managing keywords and keyword match types in Google Ads?

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