Setting Up Google Ad Sales Conversion Tracking For Your Thinkific Website

I’ve had a couple Google Ad clients recently that were wanting to advertise their course offered via their Thinkific powered website. Since I’d never done this before, obviously I started Googling around to see first if Thinkific had any documentation on the topic and then to see if any bloggers or 3rd parties had any experience setting it up.

I found help articles about how to set up and install Google Tag Manager and GA4 on your Thinkific website. They even clearly state that their GA4 integration only tracks pageviews and does NOT track e-commerce

I also found their Order and Signup Tracking Code help article which does show you where to add scripts to track order and sign up. Alright, we’re getting closer! 

So first step is to install your Google Tag in your Thinkific themes code, they talk more about this in their help article detailing how to install Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Script

Then you can add your Google Ad Conversion Tracking Event Snippet to the Order tracking code section in Thinkific:

Google Ads Event Snippet
Thinkific Order Tracking Code Section

Under the Order tracking code box it gives you a list of variables you can use in your script to grab data like conversion values from the data layer. So for capturing the sales value to pass to Google Ads you’ll want to update your event snippet script to look like this:

<!-- Event snippet for Thinkific Purchase conversion page -->


  gtag('event', 'conversion', {

      'send_to': 'AW-XXXXXXXXXX',

      'value': {{total_price}},

      'currency': 'USD',

      'transaction_id': {{order_number}}



I also added the Thinkific {{order_number}} variables for the transaction_id.

That should cover it, except for one scenario… if you’re using Thinkific’s Performance Max checkout then all of the above won’t work because their checkout is not a theme-based page as they call it. 

They state here:

At this time, the Performance Checkout is not a theme based page so it does not support Site Footer Code snippets. If you would like to track ecommerce or purchases using the Performance Checkout, we recommend adding a snippet to the site footer code on the After Purchase Thank You page.

So instead of putting the above event snippet code in the Order tracking code box under Settings > Code & Analytics, you’d add it to the site footer code on the “After Purchase Thank You Page”, which is found under each individual course you have on Thinkific.

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