Google Ad Lead Gen Campaigns: Which Conversions Should Be Primary or Secondary?

When setting up your Google Ad "Lead Gen" Campaign, you must first make a really important decision that can have a major impact on the results of the campaign; which conversions should we track as "Primary Conversions" and which conversions should we track as "Secondary Conversions" (if any)?

Before we cover what to track as a Primary or Secondary Conversion, I'll go over exactly what I track as a conversion for a typical lead gen campaign:

Form Submissions
Website Calls
Call Ad Extension Calls
Email Link Clicks
Chat Widget
Calender Meeting Scheduler

That about covers it. The big ones are Form Submissions and Calls. Form Submissions I always track as a Primary Conversion. Same with calls coming from the website.

Call Ad Extension Calls I will track as a Secondary Conversion because they typically be lower quality leads. A good percentage of calls coming from the Call Ad Extension are from people thinking they're calling a competitor, which typically doesn't lead to a new customer.

Chat widget I'll track as a Primary Conversion and same goes for any Calendar Meeting Scheduler.

Email links I'll also track as a Primary Conversion. I actually try recommending clients not list their email address on their site, since I can only track clicks on the email link as a conversion and not actual emails sent. Nevertheless, some clients insist on listing their email address, so the next best thing is to hyperlink it and track clicks as a conversion.

That about covers it. As you can see, the only conversion I mark as a Secondary Conversion is the Call Ad Extension. By doing this, I will typically see the campaign generate higher quality conversions, even the ones you get from the Call Ad Extension.

When you report on conversions, be sure to check 'All Conversions' in Google Ads so you can report on any Secondary Conversions that happened.

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