How Important Is Your Google Ad Cost per Click (CPC)?

You've got your Google Ad Campaign setup and generating some clicks. The problem is, your cost per click seems really high. If only you can get clicks for cheaper, you'll be able to increase your return on ad spend right?

Maybe... but maybe not. I've been managing Google Ad Campaigns for years and one thing that I've learned is that focusing on and obsessing over cost per click can get you in trouble.

Keywords that generate cheaper clicks don't always produce a lower cost per conversion or higher return on ad spend.

Think of it this way, why are some keywords more expensive than others?

Because some keywords are more profitable than others. Sometimes you can find a hidden gem of a keyword that provides cheap clicks and provides a low cost per conversion but this is rare.

When starting off a campaign, I don't worry at all about cost per click. I just want to see what keywords are leading to conversions first and foremost. If you begin pausing keywords too early in the campaign based on their "high CPC", you could potentially be removing some of the most profitable keywords for your campaign.

Remember, It's all about cost per conversion and return on ad spend (ROAS), not cost per click.

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