Is Your Google Ad Conversion Tracking Saying it's "Inactive"?

You had your Google Ad Conversion Tracking set up a while ago and you were positive it was set up right but now it's saying "Inactive" in Google Ads!

How to fix this issue? What went wrong?

Regarding this issue, Google says:

"We no longer see your tag, and haven't recorded any conversions in the last 7 days."

It never hurts to double check your conversion tracking set up to make sure the tags weren't accidentally removed by your web developers. Or maybe they made changes to the website made the existing conversion tracking configuration obsolete and therefore it's no longer triggering.

You can easily test the tag if it's set up in Google Tag Manager (GTM) by using the GTM Preview Mode. If it wasn't set up using GTM, you can use the Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension to at least verify and see if the tag is installed on the site still.

If the tag is still in place however and the conversion tracking setup looks correct, then it's probably just a matter of the conversion not being triggered for 7 or more days. Once your Google Ad Campaign starts generating conversions again it should say "Active".

How To Setup Google Ad Conversion Tracking

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