Top 6 Reasons Why Your Google Ad Campaign Is Not Spending Your Daily Budget

You have a Google Ad Search Campaign set up generating impressions and clicks but for some reason it doesn't seem to be spending the full daily budget you've allotted. You'd like for it to be spending more so you can get more clicks and potential conversions but you're just not sure what to do. It seems no matter what you do, the spend will just not go up!

Here are the top 6 reasons why your Google Ad Campaign is not spending your daily budget:

  1. You have a Google Ad Smart Campaign set up. These give you very little control over your campaign and you need to ditch it in favor of "Expert Mode" ASAP.
  2. You aren't targeting enough keywords in your campaign. Do some more keyword research to ensure you're targeting all the relevant keywords you can find.
  3. You're only using phrase match or exact match keyword match types. Try experimenting with some broad match keywords. Just be sure to keep an eye on the Search Terms Report for potential negative keywords.
  4. You have your campaign set on Maximize Conversions, Target CPA or Target ROAS Bid Strategy and it's "learning mode". Usually if you give it some more time the spend will start to go up to hit your budget.
  5. You have your campaign set to Manual CPC bid strategy and aren't bidding high enough to get impressions and clicks in the Google Ads auction.
  6. You have your campaign set to Max Clicks and have a max cost per click bid set too low to get impressions and clicks in the Google Ads auction. Remember, you're competing against other people for the same clicks, so if you're not cost per click bid is too low, the click is going to go to your competitor if they're willing to pay more per click.

From my experience as a Google Ad Manager, if you're not spending your budget it's usually due to one of the above reasons. Sometimes you have just maxed out the search volume for your target keywords and locations but there aren't anymore relevant keywords to target. In which case, it's time to start experimenting with Display Ads and YouTube Ads.

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