Will Your Google Ad Campaign Go Into Learning Mode When Switching a Primary Conversion to Secondary?

It's never fun when your Google Ad Campaign goes into Learning Mode. It can underperform for days! You're worried about making any changes to the campaign that may accidentally put it into Learning Mode.

What if you want to switch a Primary Conversion to a Secondary Conversion? Will that put your campaign back into Learning Mode?

If it was a conversion that was generating a lot of data, and you’re using smart bid strategy like Maximize Conversions, then yes, the smart bidding algorithm will likely have to go through Learning Mode again to figure out what’s converting best with the new set of Primary Conversions.

If it wasn’t generating many conversions to begin with then it’s unlikely to go back in to Learning Mode, and if it does it probably won’t last long.

If you’re using Manual CPC, Maximize Clicks or Target Impression Share Bid Strategy then it shouldn’t go back into Learning Mode.

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