Is Facebook Advertising a Good Idea for B2B Campaigns?

I recently was talking with a colleague who was advertising his social media marketing services via Facebook Ads. He wasn't getting great results. His ad was advertising his paid services, as you'd expect.

The problem is, Facebook Ads isn't typically a great way to advertise B2B, not unless you're doing a remarketing campaign or targeting a lookalike audience based on customer import, which require you to already have either a bunch of customers already or a lot of website traffic.

Facebook Ads campaigns that are driving 'first touch' traffic are best suited for B2C impulse purchase type products. Something you can present to the user and they stop and say, "Oh boy, I never seen this product before but I need it and it's at a price point that I can pull the trigger on it right now".

I think there is a "first touch" Facebook Ad strategy that can work for B2B, but it requires a content first approach. Instead of pushing a product, service, or even a lead magnet via Facebook Ads, you push them toward an informative article, which then has some type of lead magnet or 'content upgrade' available on the page to convert those readers into leads, but only AFTER you have already provided value and helped them achieve a quick win.

Once they're on your email list, you can follow up to nurture the relationship, deliver more value to build trust and ultimately sell them on your services.

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