Adding "Pricing" & "Price" as Negative Keywords to Your Google Search Ad Campaign?

When advertising in Google Search for a given service like say 'junk removal', a common search query you'll come across are people adding 'price' or 'pricing' to their query, so making it 'junk removal price' or 'junk removal pricing'.

Should you add "price" and "pricing" as negative keywords to your campaign to avoid getting clicks from these users in the future? Is someone who adds "pricing" or "price" to the end of their search query a low quality lead? Are they just trying to find the cheapest price?

Not necessarily and I'd be careful making any assumptions on the quality of these type of leads until you have proper offline sales conversion tracking in place for your Google Ad Campaign.

Without this, you'd truly be guessing at the quality of these leads. That's not good enough. It could turn out that these are some of your most profitable keywords, but you just don't know until you have the data.

Offline sales conversion tracking works by syncing your sales CRM data with Google Ads, so you'll know which keywords are generating the most offline sales for your business, not just which keyword is generating the most leads.

Cost per lead does not tell the whole story and it's important to not make assumptions about keywords until you have the data, otherwise you can quickly find yourself with an unprofitable Google Ad Campaign.

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