How to Embed Your Instagram Feed Onto Your Weebly Website

I recently had a client come to me with a small problem. He was having troubles adding his guitar shop's Instagram feed to the homepage of his Weebly website.

He gets a lot of customers from his Instagram and he doesn't have as much time to update his main website homepage with new guitars he's selling. Since he's already posting all of the new sweet gear on his Instagram, he figured why not just embed his Instagram feed on his homepage.

This way his website visitors would see all of his latest guitars, amps and effect pedals for sale in his shop and he'd increase his local following on Instagram to boot. I consider that a win/win.

Okay, so back to the implementation. How to do it?

It's actually quite simple if you use one of the many free tools out there like EmbedSocial or They have free tiers to their membership so you shouldn't have to pay anything unless you want to remove their branding.

You then simply embed the code they give you into your Weebly page using the Weebly Code Element and you're done!

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