Best Digital Ad Platform for Criminal Lawyer Lead Generation

You're either a criminal lawyer yourself, or you have a criminal lawyer-client in need of leads. Either way, you're probably about to start a new digital ad lead generation campaign and you want to know which digital ads platform is going to give you your best return on ad spend; Facebook/Instagram or Google Search Ads?

I actually picked up my first criminal lawyer-client at the beginning of the year this year, so I have some insight when it comes to this topic. Since this type of business thrives on reaching people when they have a certain legal problem, I wouldn't really recommend Facebook Ads for this type of client.

For this reason, I'm only managing Google Ads for them.

This means I can't speak to what type of results you may or may not get from Facebook Ads, only Google Ads.

So far we've been generating leads at under $40 per lead, and it keeps going down.

The client has been very happy to say the least. In conclusion, if you're looking to get more criminal lawyer leads, I'd give Google Search Ads a shot first since you're able to reach your target audience at the point when they're showing intent (i.e. performing a search to solve a problem).

If you need help setting up and managing the Google Ad campaign? Feel free to reach out to us here.

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