How Your Company Should Be Handling Content Marketing & SMM

Content marketing for a company can be difficult but over the long term, there's almost nothing that provides a better ROI.

Most companies I've come across typically would hire a marketing person to handle all of their content marketing needs either in house or as a freelance contractor.

It's always great to have someone in charge of the content marketing, somebody to take the lead and make sure everything is published correctly. If they're the only one creating content, however, it's going to handicap your content marketing strategy.

Here's why...

Depending on how technical your products and services are, the marketing person doesn't always have as much intimate knowledge of the industry or product like other people in the company.

Even when they do, there's always different view points to be had and knowledge to attain from other members of the team.

If your company can instead create a "content culture", where everyone helps to participate in content creation, you'll end up with much better content, which is going to net you better results.

Content creation and content marketing is something that is best integrated into the company as a whole. Something every employee buys into and can be involved in. Everyone from the CEO to the engineers.

A great example of this is Arc browser and the content they're publishing on TikTok right now. As you'll see, their designers and engineers are the ones making this content.

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