Can You Still Make Bid Adjustments With Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy?

When considering whether or not to use Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy, many Google Advertisers wonder if they're still able to make bid adjustments. Maybe they want to put a hard cap on how much they pay per click for a given keyword or maybe they're wanting to make a bid adjustment on another dimension.

Unfortunately, you're not able to adjust bids on the keyword level when using Maximize Conversions. You can still change match types or pause keywords, but you can't adjust bids or set a Max CPC.

The only dimension you can make a bid adjustment on when using Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy is the Device dimension. You can add a -100% bid adjustment to exclude one or two devices.

When using Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy, the most common way to make adjustments is to just exclude keywords (or try a different match type) or exclude dimensions that are not converting or have a high cost per conversion.

There are still a lot of adjustments you can make to reduce wasted ad spend, increase conversions and lower cost per conversion using Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy.

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