The Best "No Code" Tools for Web Design & Development

These days there are countless ways one can design and develop a new website. Many 'no code' web design tools have come out over the years and have gained in popularity for how easy it is for a person with no programming skills to create a new website.

Some that come to mind are SquareSpace, Weebly and Wix.

These can work out well enough for businesses depending on their needs. Sometimes though they're confronted with limitations in what these simpler website builders are capable of achieving.

There are more advanced "no code" website builder tools like Webflow (affiliate link) but it also has a little bit of a learning curve. Since it gives you more options for customizing your website design than the other "no code" solutions, there's a bit more to learn.

Fortunately, it's become easier to build your pixel perfect website on Webflow thanks to Webflow's new Figma plugin. Startups and business owners can essentially have their cake and eat it too; create a pixel perfect website without compromise all without having to enlist the help of a developer.

Figma allows them to customize their design exactly how they see fit using their easy to use designing software then this new plugin lets you easily turn your Figma design into code using Webflow.

Watch this video to see it in action:

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