Should You Apply the 'Google Ad Recommendations' In Your Google Ad Account?

For anyone that has spent any time in a Google Ads Account managing a Google Ad Campaign, one of the first things they'll notice is Google giving 'Recommendations' on their account or campaign.

A lot of Google Ad Managers might just tell you never to apply the Recommendations, ever. I'm going to avoid making blanket statements like that and instead tell you to simply be cautious and test every Recommendation with a Google Ads Experiment to see if it will in fact lower your cost per conversion and increase return on ad spend.

With that said, I typically don't pay much attention to the Recommendations. I have my own system and processes that work well for me and my client's campaigns.

Okay great, so you won't blindly accept the Google Ad Recommendations and it's all good right? Not quite! When you set up a new Google Ad account, it's set to Auto-Apply Recommendations by default.

To turn them off, you'll want to go here:

After clicking on 'Auto-apply', you'll see these options. Simply click on each of the drop down arrows:

Then just uncheck all of these boxes:

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