You Keep Getting Unwanted Calls and Leads From Your Google Ad Campaign

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to dial in a Google Ad Campaign so the business is getting quality calls and form submissions from the campaign. For example, I had recently come across a situation where a locksmith was getting unwanted calls from his Google Ad Campaign.

They did almost every type of locksmith job except for cars or automobiles.

Unfortunately, no matter how many negative keywords they added, they couldn't seem to filter out leads that were coming in wanting car locksmith services. They had 'car' and every keyword related to it as a negative keyword.

The problem is some people that wanted a car locksmith were just searching 'locksmith near me'. It would be impossible in this case to use negative keywords to filter these people out without filtering out a good percentage of good prospects.

What's the solution?

Obviously, it would be great if they could find another locksmith in the area that does cars so they can refer these leads to them and charge a finders fee of some sort.

While there's no perfect solution in this case, I think the best idea for filtering out these bad calls/leads is to set up offline conversion tracking on the campaign. This way you can turn on Target ROAS bid strategy and let Google Ads machine learning filter out the clicks and leads that aren't leading to sales.

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