Top 3 Ways To Optimize Your Google Search Ad Campaign & Increase ROAS

Is your cost per conversion too high? Are you disappointed with your Google Search Ad Campaign's return on ad spend?

Well here are the top 3 ways I like to optimize the campaigns I manage to lower the cost per conversion and increase return on ad spend week over week and month over month:

1. Bid Adjustments

Most campaigns I manage I use Manual CPC or Maximize Clicks Bid Strategies. There's fewer bid adjustments to be made with Maximize Clicks but there is still a lot of bid adjustments to be had, just not at the keyword level.

With either bid strategy, I make percentage bid adjustments on the following dimensions:

  • Demographics; Age, Gender, Household Income
  • Audiences; Put as many as you can in 'Observation Mode'
  • Locations; Set up as granular as possible (i.e. Instead of USA, target each state individually so you can make bid adjustments on a state by state basis)
  • Ad Schedule; Set up as granular as possible. Just like with Locations, the more granular you set it up the more granular your bid adjustments can be.
  • Devices; Your campaign most won't convert the same across all devices. Identify the devices that are wasting ad spend and make a negative bid adjustment that makes sense.
  • Keywords; This is only when you're using Manual CPC Bid Strategy, but even with Maximize Clicks if you notice a keyword isn't performing very well you should simply pause the keyword and add it as a negative.

2. Search Terms Report

I set up all of my campaigns with each match type. This means that at the start of the campaign I'll be getting some clicks from search terms that aren't very relevant. I simply add those as negative keywords as I come across them, which becomes less often over time.

So why do I use broad match if it leads to a higher number of irrelevant clicks at the start of a campaign?

Because it's also a way to find really great search terms that I didn't think to target at first. When you identify them,  you simply create new ad groups around them.

3. Review Ads

It's important to test different ad copy and landing pages. While this may seem like 2 different things, I group them together here because your landing page is part of the ad. Important aspects to test with your landing page are:

  • Offers
  • Headlines
  • Call to actions
  • Forms; Multi-step Forms
  • Message Match; How well does the content align with the ad and the search term it's being advertised under. There needs to be high relevancy.

That's the gist of it! That's what it takes to optimize your Google Ad campaign and increase your return on ad spend over time (i.e. make more money!).

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