Should You Have More Than One Responsive Search Ad (RSA) In Each Google Ad Group?

Google Ads made RSA the main and only ad type you can create now for Google Search Ad Campaigns. RIP Expanded Text Ads, you had a great run! I actually still have some Extended Text Ads running in some campaigns, Google just doesn't let you create new Extended Text Ads.

I'm getting off track though, in this blog email we're going to talk about how many RSA's you should have in one ad group.

RSA's are interesting in that you just add a bunch of headlines and when Google serves your ad they'll pick just 2-3 of them to serve. Overtime Google learns which headline and description combo generates the most clicks or conversions.

You can also pin headlines or descriptions to ensure they always show up in a certain position in your ad copy.

So is there any situation where it would make sense to have more than on RSA in an ad group?

Absolutely! If you already have thought of all the possible headlines you can think of, you can duplicate the ad you have running and test out pinning different headlines in certain positions.

Or you can test out having ​dynamic keyword​ or ​location insertions​ in your headlines.

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