Lower your Google Ad Campaign's CPA & Maximize ROAS with Location Exclusions & Bid Adjustments

There's a lot you can do to lower your Google Ad Campaigns CPA and maximize the return on ad spend (ROAS). Making location exclusions & bid adjustments based on past performance is one of the little known ways you can do just that.

This is really only helpful if your campaign is already generating conversions and you just want to maximize performance by lowering the average cost per conversion on the campaign or increase your ROAS.

Once your campaign is generating conversions, click into your the location you're targeting and you will be given the options to see a more granular breakdown on how your campaign is performing across different locations. For example, if you're targeting the United States.

You'll be able to see which states, cities, regions, counties & zip codes are generating the most conversions and which are just driving up cost with little to no conversions. If you're targeting a city, you'll be able to see which zip codes and neighborhoods are generating the most conversions and which are just driving up cost with little to no conversions.

If you're using Maximize Clicks or Manual CPC bid strategy, you can then make negative bid adjustments on these locations which are underperforming and just driving up cost. You can also make exclusions, preventing your campaign from getting impressions and clicks from these locations.

For the locations that are generating a really good cost per conversion or ROAS, you can make positive bid adjustments to bid more competitively in those locations and potentially drive even more conversions.

For any other bid strategy, you won't be able to make bid adjustments but you can still make exclusions which is great too.

Here's a short TikTok video showing me give a short demonstration:

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