Should You Use Online Appointment Scheduling for Lead Gen Campaigns?

Online appointment scheduling via your website using apps like Acuity Scheduling and Calendly have become really popular. They can work great but there are some things to be aware of when it comes to online appointment scheduling and PPC lead gen campaigns like Google Ads.

Let's say for example, you want to drive online appointments booked as your Primary Google Ad Conversion so you can drive more of these actions and make more money.

Now, let's say you also have a contact form and phone # on your website and you still book appointments over the phone and over email.

If you are only tracking online appointments booked in this situation, you're not accounting for Google Ad leads that call and schedule over the phone or email.

What can happen then is the Google Ad campaign doesn't appear to be as profitable as it actually is, which is a problem because without this data we won't know where to allocate our advertising budget because we don't really know where we're getting our best 'bang for our buck'.

It also makes it more difficult to improve the campaign overtime when all leads and customers coming in from the ad campaign aren't being properly attributed to the campaign.

Remember, the first rule of data-driven marketing is you can't improve upon anything you're not tracking.

What's the solution? The solution is to either use your online booking exclusively, even for those who call in or email. You would tell them to go to your website to book their appointment.

If that doesn't jive with your business, you can set up offline conversion tracking to track appointments booked over the phone and via contact form/email.

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