Google Analytics Goal Isn’t Counting Every Form Submission

You set up a Google Analytics Goal for the contact form on your site or maybe it's an optin form for your newsletter or PDF download. You confirmed it's working and you're ready to rock!

A month or so down the road you start to notice that you're actually getting more form submissions than your Google Analytics Goal is reporting. What the hell?!

How could this be? How do you fix this so you can get more accurate conversion data?

Unfortunately, you can't. Google Analytics relies on javascript code and some website visitors have ad blockers and script blockers that block this code. If any of these visitors submit a form, it will not register as a Goal or Conversion in Google Analytics.

It's okay though, you don't need the data to be 100% accurate. So long as you're getting most of the form submission conversion data, you can still identify which marketing channels and demographics are driving results.

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